'Africanism and Modernism

meets sophisticated outfits that would rock your boundaries'.

Who We Are

MAFCouture is about modernizing tribalism. breaking cultural differences into fashion statements making it enjoyable for everyone, that's what MAFCOUTURE is all about, breaking the boundaries from cultural attires to a daily modern fashionable wear. M.A.F.Couture is an international lifestyle brand offering smart, affordable luxury and bringing newness and style to life with an entirely new touch. The brand offers styles to suits various classes of people. With different edgy outfits and accessories, one can easily find a pick to suit any style

Our History

We go way back in 2009 when this brand was called M.E DESIGNS. working next to my studies as a fashion student i had a vision on making this brand a realization even when i was still at my first year in school. My teachers encouraged me so did my parents. My step dad got me my every first sewing machine!.


After many years of hard work, studies, falling and standing, not getting sponsors and not being able to find a trust worthy partner, Jesus Christ came through and now were are here. Having our own platform and a voice and space to share our creativity with the world. I owe it all to HIM.